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Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

It’s that exciting time of year when kids dress-up in costume and are encouraged to ask neighbors for Halloween treats! And while their excitement can hardly be contained, it’s important to take the time to revisit some Halloween safety tips before our kiddos go running from house-to-house collecting candy bars and popcorn balls. KYDZ NATION has compiled a list of our Top 10 Safety Tips so you and your family can enjoy a night full of fun and fright!

  1. Costumes should fit properly. Toddlers trip easily, and older kids love to run. Always choose the right size costume so your kids don’t fall or spend half the night fidgeting, distracting them from what’s going on around them.
  2. Avoid masks and embrace face paint. Masks often fall off or move around creating an obstructed view. Face paint is easy to apply and can be removed with a baby-wipe or make-up cloth. Choose kinds that are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and paraben-free.
  3. Incorporate glow sticks, reflective stickers or lights. Halloween starts right around dusk, the hardest time of the day for drivers to see. There is an entire market of Halloween products dedicated to safety accessories. Choose from one of the hundred festive light-up necklaces and reflective bracelets available and add style and safety to your child’s costume.
  4. Obey traffic laws. Though Halloween is a night for walking on the streets and sidewalks, this isn’t a free pass to disregard normal traffic laws. Be sure to look both ways and use crosswalks.
  5. Be aware of driveways and parked cars. Not everyone participates in Halloween. Some people may be coming and going during prime-time candy-time. Make sure your kids aren’t darting in between parked cars or running passed driveways.
  6. Drivers be aware. Maybe you’re heading off to trick-or-treat in someone else’s neighborhood or you’re hurrying over to send your grandkids off for the evening. Drivers should be especially aware of the influx of kids and families that will be out and about this Halloween.
  7. Be alert in busy city or suburban neighborhoods. City neighborhoods are jam-packed with kids, adults and cars. If you live in the city, Trick-or-Treater’s and drivers alike should really keep their eyes open for one another – especially because many city and suburban neighborhoods are used as throughways for folks heading home from work or heading out for the evening.
  8. Walk on the sidewalk. Not every street has a sidewalk, but if they do, use them. Stay off the street as much as possible.
  9. Trick or Treat with an adult. Children under 12 should not trick-or-treat alone. Kids that are old enough to go out by themselves should go out in a group and stay in a familiar neighborhood.
  10. Put down the cell phone. We know you want to post pictures of your cuties on social media. Don’t spend the whole night looking down. Stay alert and post when you get home.

KYDZ NATION wants your children to enjoy a night filled with fun and treats! Follow our safety tips and have a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!