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Healthy Snacks for Kids

With folks constantly on the move, grab-and-go snack items are essential for the modern family. It’s especially important for kids and teens. With so many things to choose from, its most important to provide your family with a healthy balance of carbs, fiber and protein. Each of these nutrients work together helping your kids stay full and alert. Studies show children who don’t eat a mix of healthy foods are tired, distracted and restless. KYDZ NATION is committed to helping your child grow up healthy and strong! Here are some healthy snacks you can prepare for your kids right at home.

Breakfast is Key. Eating a balanced breakfast full of fiber and protein, but low in sugar, will get your kids through the morning. Here are some healthy snacks you can quickly prepare before you start your day.

  1. Wholegrain toast topped with avocado slices, a squirt of lemon and pinch of salt
  2. Slices of bananas on peanut or nut butter bread
  3. Top whole-milk, Greek, or non-dairy yogurt with granola and berries
  4. Banana, blueberry, avocado and almond-milk smoothie.

The Lunchbox. Besides your main meal, adding a nutrient-packed snack will ensure your kids make it through the second half of the day. Always be sure to consult with your school regarding food-allergies.

  1. Raw green beans, cucumbers, or whole-wheat pita chips with hummus
  2. Wholegrain muffins
  3. Carrot and celery sticks with vegie dip
  4. Graham crackers with no-sugar added apple sauce for dipping

After School Special. After a long day of playing and learning, kids come home ravaged and ready to eat! Before you head off to soccer practice or ballet, be sure to fill them up with something to give them the extra boost they’ll need.

  1. Peanut butter and natural fruit spread on whole-wheat crackers.
  2. Ham and cheese roll-ups
  3. Classic peanut butter and jam with no-added sugar on whole-grain bread
  4. Vegie cream cheese and cucumbers on a bagel

Snack Time. Kids really look forward to their post-dinner snacks. Satisfy their sweet tooth and salty cravings with these healthy, yet yummy treats.

  1. Frozen Greek yogurt topped with sliced bananas, frozen strawberries and dark-chocolate chips
  2. Multi-grain tortilla chips with bean dip or black-bean tortilla chips with fresh salsa
  3. Sliced cheddar, apple slices, grapes and whole-grain crackers
  4. Popcorn, low-salt root vegetable chips or kale chips.

KYDZ NATION knows a balanced diet is the key to a happy and healthy kid! Follow our blog for more tips on maintaining a healthy diet and active exercise routine for your growing little ones!